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These 3 packs Child, Maternity and Mental Health are required for all Adult Nursing pre registration students in the Faculty of Health & Social Care, University of the West of England.

The packs are not intended to make you an expert in these areas, but to give you enough insight to apply them to your practice and identify when there may be areas in which you need to ask for further help.

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About the course


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Throughout the packs you will find a range of videos (transcripts to follow, see below), quizzes and interactive activities. Some of these require particular software, therefore you will need to ensure that the machine you are using has both the Macromedia Flash Player and Windows Media Player . You do not need to use the same machine each time you work on the packs. Because of licensing agreements some of the videos are only available if you are using a computer on campus, however the majority are available wherever you have access to the Internet.

For technical assistance please contact the Technical Assistants in Glenside Computer Suite  tel: (0117) 32 88858.

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